Humanitarian policy resources

Syria Crisis Response Summary
Department for International Development, 29th October 2015

From OCHA:

Syria: Humanitarian Dashboard - Cross Border Response
Jan - Sep 2015 (Issued on 9 November 2015)

Quarterly Humanitarian Overview
Syria Humanitarian Response from Turkey
Issue 03, July-September 2015

Fact Sheet: United Nations cross-border operations from Turkey to Syria under UN SCR 2165/2191
September 2015

Further links courtesy of OCHA:

1 – Humanitarian Snapshot, 31 Oct 2015

2 – Regional Funding Update, 1 Nov 2015

3 – WoS Sectors’ Reach at sub-district level

4 – WoS Who does What Where

5 – WoS UN cross-border operations under UNSC resolutions 2165 and 2191

6 – Fact Sheet : United Nations cross-border operations from Jordan to Syria

7 – Overview of hard-to-reach and besieged locations ( Oct 2015)

8 – Estimated people in need and IDPs per governorate , Oct 2015 (public)

See also: Humanitarian Needs Overview 2016

From Adam B Coutts:

Health Surveillance Programme
Real-Time, Actionable data from Acute & Protracted Crises
Jesse Erin Berns, Epidemiologist/Data Collection Lab Director, The Impact Lab

Responding to the Syrian health crisis: the need for data and research
Adam Coutts, Fouad M Fouad, Aula Abbara, Abla Mehio Sibai, Zaher Sahloul, Karl Blanchet
The Lancet, Vol 3, March 2015

Civilian deaths from weapons used in the Syrian conflict
Debarati Guha-Sapir, Jose M Rodriguez-Llanes, Madelyn H Hicks, Anne-Fran├žoise Donneau, Adam Coutts, Louis Lillywhite, Fouad M Fouad
BMJ 2015;351:h4736, The BMJ, 29 September 2015

Response to Syria’s health crisis—poor and uncoordinated
Adam Coutts and Fouad M Fouad
The Lancet, Vol 381, 29 June 2013

More recent reports available.

From Wael Aleji:

Documenting abuses and counting the killed
Wael Aleji
Syria Notes, 23 November 2015

From Syrian Association of Yorkshire:

Syrian Association of Yorkshire humanitarian policy recommendations
November 2015