Syria Notes

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Some issues of Syria Notes have received funding from The Syria Campaign, as noted on their front pages.

A number of articles from Syria Notes have also appeared on the Little Atoms website.

Syria Notes No. 14: 10 March 2017 – view and download PDF
  • Is UK military action helping Assad, Hezbollah, and Russia?
    APPG staff
  • Kingdom of horror, Assad’s Syria
    Ahmad Khanshour
  • Justice in Spain for Assad’s victims?
    Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers
  • Idlib Province: Waiting for disaster?
    Amr Salahi
  • Analysis shows bias in BBC reporting of the Syrian conflict
    Yasmine Nahlawi
  • Should the UK Government publish evidence of war crimes?
    APPG staff

Syria Notes No. 13: 31 January 2017 – view and download PDF
  • Can drones break the sieges?
    Airbridge Aviation
  • Wadi Barada: Rebels and families removed
    Reports from Syria Direct via Scott Lucas
  • Eastern Ghouta, what is next?
    Ahmad Khanshour
  • Trump, and Obama
    Kenan Rahmani
  • The World Health Organisation, polio, and the Assad regime
    Annie Sparrow
  • We call on the UK to welcome refugees banned by Trump
    Rethink Rebuild Society

Syria Notes No. 12: 13 January 2017 – view and download PDF
  • Can JPADS save lives in Syria?
    How remote controlled parachutes can be flown across Lebanon’s border to besieged areas
  • News digest: After Aleppo
    Reports on where the Assad regime and its allies Hezbollah and Russia are turning next
  • How Ceasefires in Syria Became Another Tool of Warfare
    Lina Khatib
  • On the Russian video of a detained rescue volunteer
    Syria Civil Defence
  • Hezbollah is the real winner of the battle of Aleppo
    Sulome Anderson
  • No future in Lebanon, and little hope of a return to Syria
    Interviews with Syrian refugees
  • What is being destroyed today
    Robin Yassin-Kassab
  • A peace delegation’s denials
    Ivana Bacik
  • Last chance saloon for Syria’s rebels
    Haid Haid
  • On training Syrian rebels to fight Daesh
    Yasmine Nahlawi

Syria Notes No. 11: 22 November 2016 – view and download PDF
  • Aleppo: 250,000 could die
    Laila Maher Soudi, Raed Saleh, and Ahmad Tarakji
  • One week’s targets: Hospitals, rescuers, schools
    Reports from Syria Civil Defence and the Syrian Network for Human Rights
  • UK should emulate US Caesar Bill
    Yasmine Nahlawi
  • About the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act
    Brittany Keroack
  • Airdrop aid for the city of Aleppo
    Council of Free Aleppo Governorate

Syria Notes on Detainees, special issue, 27 April 2016 – View and download PDF
  • Featuring letters from detainees via the Save The Rest campaign.

Syria Notes No. 10: 17 May 2016 – view and download PDF
  • Messages from Daraya Council
    Daraya Council calls on the UK for humanitarian air drops
  • The UN and ICRC’s deadly mistakes
    Mansour Omari
  • About Daraya Council
    Background on the Local Council of Daraya City
  • The rise of Syria’s local councils
    Robin Yassin-Kassab and Leila Al-Shami
  • An Afghan migrant in Iran tells of his time as a fighter in Syria
    Kobra Akbari
  • Iranian losses in Syria
    From EA WorldView’s Iran Daily blog
  • A failing peace process benefits Jabhat Al Nusra
    Hassan Hassan
  • Killings back to same pace as before the ceasefire
    Syrian Network for Human Rights

Syria Notes No. 9: 27 April 2016 – view and download PDF
  • Breakdown
    Statements by Gareth Bayley, FCO; Salem al Meslet, HNC; Syrian Civil Defence; Human Rights Watch
  • Doctors: Air drops to all besieged areas are urgently needed
    UOSSM, Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations
  • Letters from inside Syrian prisons
    via the Save the Rest campaign
  • Besieged, exiled, abandoned.
    Reports from Syria Direct
  • The latest civilian fatalities
    Violations Documentation Center in Syria

Syria Notes No. 8: 13 April 2016 – view and download PDF
  • Daraya needs air drops
    Glenys Kinnock
  • We are on the verge of witnessing deaths from starvation
    A letter from women in Daraya
  • “The Royal Air Force are probably the leaders in this capability.”
    Hamish de Bretton-Gordon on air drops, and on protecting hospitals
  • “So why do you keep dropping barrel bombs on us?”
    Motaz Morad in besieged Daraya
  • On the Fifth Anniversary
    Dr Sharif K al-Ghazal, Yasmine Nahlawi,
    Dr Peshang Abdulhannan, Dr Mohammad Tammo
  • Monitoring the Cessation of Hostilities
    Reports from SNHR, MSF, and UN

Syria Notes No. 7: 8 March 2016 – view and download PDF
  • “There is no ceasefire”
    Briefings by GOAL, and by the Syrian British Medical Society
  • What next after the Supporting Syria and the Region Conference?
    Ruham Hawash, Abdelsalam Daif, Ahmad Tarakji, Maria Al Abdeh, Assaad Al Achi, Mathieu Rouquette
  • Human resources in protracted crises: Syria’s medical workers
    Fouad M.Fouad, Mohamad Alameddine, Adam Coutts
  • Why civilian protection is a must in Syria
    Yasmine Nahlawi

Syria Notes No. 6: 3 February 2016 – view and download PDF
  • We must end the shameful paralysis on Syria
    Andrew Mitchell and Clare Short
  • Reporting in drawings
    Olivier Kugler
  • London Syria Conference: Beyond Aid
    Rouba Mhaissen and Anna Chernova
  • For peace, act on Resolution 2254
    UK Syrian groups on the Geneva talks
  • Airdropping aid to starving Syrians is doable
    Haid Haid
  • Discussing Civilian Protection
    With Yasmine Nahlawi, Muzna Al-Naib, Dr Ayman S Jundi, Hamish de Bretton-Gordon

Syria Notes No. 5: 19 January 2016 – view and download PDF
  • A moral duty to starving Syrians
    Paddy Ashdown and Jo Cox
  • The SBMS calls for lifting of the starvation sieges
    Syrian British Medical Society
  • News from Moadamiya
    Moadamiya Levant media office
  • News from Daraya City
    Local Council of Daraya City
  • Speaking with Syrians under siege
    Interviews by The Syria Campaign

Syria Notes No. 4: 5 January 2016 – view and download PDF
  • Syrian Women Peacebuilders
    Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh
  • Syrian civilians killed by air attacks in 2015
    Data from the Violations Documentation Center in Syria
  • Dead and missing in the Mediterranean
    Data from the International Organization for Migration
  • Women’s perspectives on the Syria conflict
    With Laila Alodaat and Raheb Alwany
  • A personal reflection on engaging with Stop the War
    Fardous Bahbouh

Syria Notes No. 3: 7 December 2015 – view and download PDF
  • Now protect Syrians from Assad
    Garvan Walshe
  • The Humanitarian Impact of Russia’s Intervention
    Notes from a presentation by aid NGO GOAL
  • “They”
    Bashar Farahat
  • Challenges for Women Peacebuilders
    Laila Alodaat
  • “Peacebuilding defines our future now”
    Presenting a study of women’s peace activism in Syria
  • Talking Descartes with Syrian Refugee Children

Syria Notes No. 2: 23 November 2015 – view and download PDF
  • Listening to Syrians
    Jeff Smith
  • Documenting abuses and counting the killed
    Wael Aleji
  • Who is killing civilians in Syria?
    Data from Syrian Network For Human Rights
  • The Malice of Power: Arrests in Syria as Part of a Politico-Economic Rationale
    Ansar Jasim
  • Is stopping barrel bombs in Syria a priority?
    Haid Haid
  • Before speaking
    Rouba Mhaissen

Syria Notes No. 1: 9 November 2015 – view and download PDF
  • An Introduction
    Jo Cox and Andrew Mitchell
  • Containment of Syria failed, Europe is paying the price
    Bassma Kodmani
  • Listening to Refugees
    Survey of Syrian refugees in Germany
  • A Government of Corruption, Nepotism, and Impunity
    Rashad al-Kattan
  • The Crossing
    Robin Yassin-Kassab on Samar Yazbek’s book, “The Crossing: My Journey to the Shattered Heart of Syria”
  • The Struggle for Accountability
    Discussing ‘A Step towards Justice: On current accountability options for crimes under international law committed in Syria’
  • The Caesar photographs
    Evidence of mass torture and killing in Assad’s prisons