Syria’s Disappeared

This event was cancelled due to the 22 March 2017 Westminster attack

The event was to have been a panel discussion on the treatment of people in detention centres under the Syrian regime of President Assad, including screening of clips from the Channel 4 documentary, Syria’s Disappeared: The Case Against Assad.

We hope to reschedule the event as soon as possible.

The documentary is available to watch from Channel 4.

Photo by Jimmy Wales.

Issue 14 of our newsletter Syria Notes looks at possible consequences of UK military action in Syria; the search for justice on detainees; developments in Idlib; the UK’s potential role in reporting war crimes; and BBC reporting of the conflict.

To request print copies, please contact:

Syria Notes No. 14: 10 March 2017 – view and download PDF
  • Is UK military action helping Assad, Hezbollah, and Russia?
    APPG staff
  • Kingdom of horror, Assad’s Syria
    Ahmad Khanshour
  • Justice in Spain for Assad’s victims?
    Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers
  • Idlib Province: Waiting for disaster?
    Amr Salahi
  • Analysis shows bias in BBC reporting of the Syrian conflict
    Yasmine Nahlawi
  • Should the UK Government publish evidence of war crimes?
    APPG staff