Syria Notes No. 18

Our latest issue provides an overview of Eastern Ghouta, the largest besieged area in Syria, as well as an account of our recent event on Raqqa and the fight against ISIS and its aftermath.

Syria Notes No. 18: 14 November 2017 – view and download PDF
  • Call for an end to the siege rather than piecemeal aid
    Abdalmalik Abod
  • Exile or death: Assad’s campaign against East Ghouta
    Syria Notes staff
  • Raqqa and beyond: The fight against ISIS and its aftermath
    Kinda Haddad, Ikbal Ben Gaied Hassine, and Rana Khalaf

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Raqqa and beyond: The fight against ISIS and its aftermath

Following the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa, the All-Party Parliamentary Group Friends of Syria met on 24th October to hear about the effects of the military campaign, and what should follow on from it.

The speakers were Kinda Haddad of Airwars, Ikbal Ben Gaied Hassine of People Demand Change, and Rana Khalaf, fellow with the Centre for Syria Studies, University of Saint Andrews, and the meeting was chaired by Alison McGovern, co-chair of the APPG and Member of Parliament for Wirral South.

This transcript has been edited for length and clarity.
Last Men in Aleppo: What role can the UK play in Syria?

Monday 27th November, 5.30 to 7pm, Palace of Westminster.

This December will mark a year since the fall of Aleppo. The fall of one of the world’s most ancient and culturally significant cities laid bare just how much governments around the world have failed the people of Syria. As we approach this sombre first anniversary, the Friends of Syria APPG invites you to a discussion around the award-winning film Last Men in Aleppo.

Feras Fayyad, Last Men in Aleppo filmmaker
Khaled Khateeb, White Helmets cinematographer
Tom Tugendhat MP, Foreign Affairs Committee Chair

Chaired by Alison McGovern MP, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Friends of Syria.

The event will include clips from the award-winning film Last Men in Aleppo. The film follows the fall of Aleppo through the eyes three founding members of the White Helmets, notably Khaled Farrah and his family as they make the agonising decision about whether to flee, or to stay and help.


Trailer for Last Men in Aleppo