Mohamed Ma’rouf together with his family—from Sally Hayden and Ziad Ghandour’s report, ‘The Syrian refugees who want to go home.’

Syria Notes No. 21

Reporting on her recent trip to the region, Naomi Kikoler, Deputy Director of the Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, says ‘the worst is yet to come for civilians.’

In January, the defector ‘Caesar’ who smuggled photographic evidence of mass torture out of Syria spoke to MPs and Peers about the systematic abuse and mass killing of prisoners by Assad’s security services.

Reporting for The Irish Times, Sally Hayden and Ziad Ghandour travelled to Germany, Sudan and Syria, to report on Syrians who try to go home, the difficulties they face, and the dangers of conscription, detention, and torture that await those who are successful.

Syria Notes No. 21: 6 February 2018 – view and download PDF
  • The worst is yet to come for civilians in Syria
    Naomi Kikoler
  • A constant stream of hospital attacks
    Samples of recent reports and images
  • Meeting ‘Caesar’
    ‘Caesar’, Sami, and Ibrahim El Kasem of the Caesar Files Group
  • The Syrian refugees who want to go home
    Sally Hayden and Ziad Ghandour

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