Issue 14 of our newsletter Syria Notes looks at possible consequences of UK military action in Syria; the search for justice on detainees; developments in Idlib; the UK’s potential role in reporting war crimes; and BBC reporting of the conflict.

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Syria Notes No. 14: 10 March 2017 – view and download PDF
  • Is UK military action helping Assad, Hezbollah, and Russia?
    APPG staff
  • Kingdom of horror, Assad’s Syria
    Ahmad Khanshour
  • Justice in Spain for Assad’s victims?
    Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers
  • Idlib Province: Waiting for disaster?
    Amr Salahi
  • Analysis shows bias in BBC reporting of the Syrian conflict
    Yasmine Nahlawi
  • Should the UK Government publish evidence of war crimes?
    APPG staff