Issue No. 8 of Syria Notes is out, on sieges, air drops and monitoring the cessation of hostilities.

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Syria Notes No.8: 13 April 2016 – view and download PDF
  • Daraya needs air drops
    Glenys Kinnock
  • We are on the verge of witnessing deaths from starvation
    A letter from women in Daraya
  • “The Royal Air Force are probably the leaders in this capability.”
    Hamish de Bretton-Gordon on air drops, and on protecting hospitals
  • “So why do you keep dropping barrel bombs on us?”
    Motaz Morad in besieged Daraya
  • On the Fifth Anniversary
    Dr Sharif K al-Ghazal, Yasmine Nahlawi,
    Dr Peshang Abdulhannan, Dr Mohammad Tammo
  • Monitoring the Cessation of Hostilities
    Reports from SNHR, MSF, and UN